Elevator Lobby Art at GTECH Center

Another little “Throwback Thursday” share, as I sift through some older projects this week…

Another Wedding with a Colorful Glass Backdrop

  Anything look familiar in this picture?

Variations on Themes in Custom Art Glass

  Any time I’m developing a new work of custom art glass, I like to draft many variations on a single theme.

Custom Art Glass for Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel

  I’m pleased to share a new time lapse video of a custom art glass wall that I installed a little while back at Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel, in the hospital’s non-denominational chapel.

A Reception Feature Wall Can Make All the Difference

  Ever since my post on lobby art awhile back, I’ve been paying closer attention to the work that I encounter in lobbies and thinking about what makes them successful or not. Maybe I’m a little biased, but I’ve been noticing that I consistently feel most inspired in spaces with a well-designed reception feature wall.