Fallsgrove Plaza Elevator Corridor Glass Installation

After sharing my most recent elevator corridor glass installation, I remembered that I had never shared a similar installation created for Fallsgrove Plaza Medical/Office Building in Rockville, Maryland back in 2013 (though I did write a short blog post about it last January).

Sawtooth Kilnformed Glass in Rockville

  Last month, I made another sawtooth kilnformed glass piece for Fallsgrove Plaza, a new medical office building in Rockville, Maryland, designed by DVA Architects for Lerner Enterprises.

What’s In A Title?

Lately I’ve been contemplating the relationship between works of art and their titles. As we know, a title can contribute layers of meaning, narrative, nuance, confusion, contradiction, or even humor to a piece. Recently I saw an exhibition of work by Color Field exponent Jules Olitski, at the Toledo Museum of Art which included a […]