Sawtooth glass tiles are individually crafted of fused and kilnformed glass.

In a typical installation, the sawtooth glass tiles are mounted on site to one face of a tempered glass substrate with lighting behind. If the work is to be viewed from two sides, the tiles are mounted to both sides of the tempered glass.

Installation of the tempered glass, as well as the lighting, is designed into the building and is part of the general contractor’s scope of work. We will work with you to ensure that the site is properly detailed and constructed to accommodate the art glass.

Lights are recessed along either side and/or above/below the art glass and project onto a white surface behind. Access to the light fixtures must be considered. It is generally not practical to access the fixtures through the art glass.


sawtooth glass diagram


Sawtooth Install Diagram

Sawtooth glass lighting diagram

Typical floor plan with access door