Hand-crafted sawtooth tile
Hand-crafted sawtooth tile

Design Development
Design development is approached as a collaboration between the client, the architect/designer and the artist, Paul Housberg. Initial discussions establish the scope and budget for a project as well as define the functional and aesthetic requirements of the space. A site review is conducted whenever feasible or studied through site plans, sketches and photos. Special considerations such as structural requirements, lighting features, coordination and scheduling are also discussed at this time.

Proposal and Conceptual Design
Once an understanding of the project’s aims is reached, Glass Project will furnish a written proposal for conceptual design development. The conceptual design may include sketches, digital renderings and prototypes as the project demands. Continued discussions allow for further refinement of the work.

Fabrication and Installation
Upon approval of the final design, an agreement is executed for the fabrication and installation of the work. In new construction or in cases where extensive site preparation is required, Glass Project will work closely with the architect and general contractor to ensure an orderly and timely installation. If the client is providing for installation, Glass Project will provide on-site supervision.